Local Man Sued by Facebook – Violation of the Terms of Service

by Jim on September 14, 2010

A local area man whose name is currently being withheld, received a summons on September 13, 2010 by a process server from Facebook.  The court documents stated that due to his gross negligence in updating his Facebook status that he was being sued for $650,000.  Facebook states that the lack of updates from the local area man have caused their tracking database to go slightly stale and they fear they will not be able to track his every move with such gaps in his updates.  Additionally Facebook asserts that they will have loss of income associated with the over fifty-thousand affiliates to whom they sell the local area man’s personal information.

What the public is aware is that Facebook requires its users to update their status on a regular basis and to keep their profile current.  What the public typically is unaware of is exactly how much money Facebook receives by selling their personal information.  Unfortunately for most of the public they signed a contract with Facebook for the use of their service when they created their account.

Facebook could not be reached for comment on this legal matter, but rest assured that more information will come out on this story as it breaks.You can follow the story here : http://www.seocompanysurrey.net/

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