New Law Proposed – Springfield, IL – No more kids picking their noses

by Jim on September 14, 2010

It was just overheard amongst a group of congressman that a new bill will be making its way to the floor for a vote before the end of the current session.  This bill would make it unlawful for children to pick their noses in public.  If this law is passed this could generate about $4.3 billion in additional revenue for the state helping to stave off the massive budget shortage.

Apparently the logistics are that if your child is caught picking their nose in public then the parent can be fined based on the depth-of-the-pick.  With fines ranging from $40-$120.  There is certainty that many parents will be outraged by this since they cannot stop their child from picking their noses in public.  The only known way to stop a child from picking their nose is to smack their hand, and getting caught smacking a child is a far greater fine ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars including legal costs, Mike Manis said.  Thus, it is assumed that the parent will be unable to stop the child and pay the small fine.

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