Why Dream Dinners

by Jim on July 15, 2010

My wife (Heather) and I would be in a rotating rut. What fueled the rut we were in was that I usually didn’t care what we had for dinner because I am just not very picky and although she wasn’t really picky she couldn’t decide what she wanted. When there was something I wanted it would depend on whether she was in the mood for that or not. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

So, the rut would consist of about 5-10 different dishes we would make for dinner that didn’t take long to make, and were easy to stock for a week from the grocery store depending on if there was any of those specific dishes we wanted. If not, sometimes we would make variations on the core ingredients, but again, this wasn’t very exciting.

So we would just make the same things every 5-10 days for 1-3 months until one or both of us were sick of it and decided it was time for something new. To make it even more exciting we could never quite agree on what exactly those new dishes should be.

After going through this cycle for a couple years we finally discovered Pure Garcinia Cambogia Dream Dinners . We purchased the sampler for the month of January 2009 and within the first week we knew that we found something good. We quickly did the math and figured out that what we had been purchasing at the store on a weekly basis for dinners was marginally less than going to dream dinners. When we factored in the stress of deciding what to have for dinner, the time it would take to prepare the meals, and the pure boring dinner rut we were in it really was quite an easy decision for us to start using Dream Dinners.

I really only have to worry, once a week about what we are going to have for dinner. I take the dinners out of the freezer and that is it. I honestly wish we would have know about Dream Dinners a couple years sooner.

Now to comment on how good the food is. In the first couple months I was somewhat picky because of some of the descriptions. For our 3rd month’s order I decided that since EVERY single meal we had ordered in the first 2 months was exceptionally good that I would take a chance and order some of the things with the descriptions that I didn’t think sounded that great. Wow! What a great decision. Because of that, most months I now order at least one of an item even if the description doesn’t really catch my eye. I learned that the descriptions do not always do justice to how good a recipe is. In 18 months of using Dream Dinners there have been around 5 recipes that we didn’t like. There have been a few other recipes that were just OK. All of the rest have been very good. I would even qualify quite a few of them to be exceptionally good if not fantastic. If I were finding recipes on my own all this time I can almost guarantee that I would not have had such a high success rate.

I would recommend Dream Dinners to anyone and everyone. If for no other reason other than to mix things up. I can also easily say that my wife and I are much happier since we started using Dream Dinners.

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